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Rick Warren Hears Call for Judaeo-Christian-Islam Moderates to Unite

More Apostasy from the Author of the Best Selling "Purpose Driven Life" Book

Here's an excerpt from the Washington Times article today on the National Prayer Breakfast yesterday. Rick Warren, of course, was among the thousands of evangelicals who clapped like seals at these words from the King of Jordan. (At a prayer breakfast sponsored by evangelicals!)

King Abdullah II of Jordan quoted from the Bible and the Koran in a brief speech to a lunchtime crowd of 2,000 mostly evangelical Christians yesterday, invoking "our Judeo-Christian-Islamic heritage" and urging moderates of the three great religions to unite.

"At this point in history, our service to God, our countries and our peoples demands that we confront extremism in its myriad forms," he told listeners at the annual National Prayer Breakfast luncheon at the Washington Hilton.
"To overcome this common foe, we must explore the values that unite us, rather than exaggerating the misunderstandings that divide us."

I have no "Judeo-Christian-Muslim" heritage and the mere suggestion is an outrage. Fundamentalist Christians haven't been known to fly planes into buildings. The only threat we represent is presenting the truth of God's Word. No wonder Rick Warren considers fundamentalism a danger.

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