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Javier Solana

Who is this man and what is his interest in Israel?

In 1995, a 10-nation military alliance appeared in Europe. According to Bible prophecy, if the Antichrist was on his way, this 10-nation alliance had to come first. And, it did (Daniel 7:7). (See the 10 nations)

In 1999, a man named Javier Solana appeared on the scene to oversee the EU's foreign and security policy. The same year he also became head over the 10-nation alliance (Daniel 7:8).

One year later, the 10-nation alliance made themselves the official military wing of the EU and Mr. Solana was given emergency powers. This was made official by the Western European Union's Assembly Recommendation 666.

In 2004, the EU's rotating six-month presidency was replaced and Solana was given the title of the EU's first foreign minister.

Now, I am not saying that this man is without a doubt the Antichrist that is foretold in the Bible. The identity of the Antichrist will be revealed when he confirms the covenant (or peace treaty) with many for seven years which he will break in the middle of those years (Daniel 9:27). However, it is interesting to note that Solana's European Neighbourhood Policy is to last from 2007-2013 with a mid-term review period in which Javier Solana himself will be involved. 16 nations have signed up, including Israel and the Palestinian Authority. Israel signed up in December 2004. All countries will have their agreements confirmed on January 1st, 2007. Its prime aim is to bring security and political control to Europe's borders.

Event to watch:
August 28, 2005: Solana will be visiting Israel.

Click to read his recent article in Haaretz.
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