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Thus the Antichrist Cometh

by Hal Lindsey

The “Land for Peace” equation, by its very definition, legitimized terrorism as a form of political persuasion. Over the last dozen years, Israel has in effect given up almost all of its hard-won 1967 land in exchange for nothing that even resembles an illusion of peace.

Here are some of the stark facts:

(1) Palestinian leaders have made no effort to disarm or dismantle the existing terror groups.

(2) There has been no recognition of Israel’s right to exist, which is the most basic premise upon which any peace can be based.

This has been rewarded by the Bush administration embracing them as worthy peace partners. The Palestinians aren’t expecting that they will ever destroy Israel. They are using terror to force the world to do it for them.

The Quartet, led by the French, forced Sharon to ‘coordinate’ with Abbas in order to ensure a ‘smooth transition’ of power, turning what had been a tactical offensive move into a humiliating military defeat. Sharon was committed to the withdrawal, but the Quartet handed all the best bargaining cards to Abbas.

Not only did the French ‘initiative’ on behalf of the Quartet stick a bayonet into Sharon’s back, it handed global terrorism a resounding victory.

Al-Jazeera made the Islamic world’s perception clear, “However, some analysts believe that, whether Israel likes it or not, the atmosphere that will prevail during the evacuation process will certainly show Israel as a defeated state, while the Palestinians celebrate and reap the fruits of their armed conflict.”

The prophet Ezekiel predicts a period of time just before he Messiah comes when Israel would be “a land of unwalled villages at rest, dwelling safely without walls, having neither bars nor gates.” (Ezekiel 38:1-11)
In this same context, he prophesied that an army from Israel’s extreme north would lead a confederacy of nations to invade. All of the nations in this confederacy are Muslim today. The Muslim leader is foreseen as Persia or modern Iran.

The ‘Gaza First’ plan as originally conceived, envisioned walling out the terrorists in Gaza, and then completing the terror wall around Israel.

Think of it for a moment. This is the 21st century. While it may have made sense in Ezekiel’s day to build walls for protection, it doesn’t make sense in today’s world to erect such easily breached defenses. It makes no sense in an era of smart bombs and aircraft. Yet in this unique era of terrorists, it makes perfect sense.

So this is precisely what Israel is being forced to do. In the process, it is setting the stage for the fulfillment of Ezekiel’s prophecy.

All of this is setting up another very important prophecy. The prophet Daniel foresaw a false peace treaty being negotiated with the Antichrist during this same time frame. You can bet the farm that one of the terms for peace will be the dismantling of Israel’s anti-terrorist wall.

Daniel predicted that one of the facets of the peace formula would be based on ‘dividing the land for gain’ (Daniel 11:39). He also predicted that it would be the confirmation of a covenant that guaranteed Israel’s security.

The NIV version of Daniel 9:27 says, “He will confirm a covenant with many for one seven” – meaning a sabbatical year of seven years. The word ‘confirm’ comes from the Hebrew word gabar, meaning 'to strengthen' or to 'confirm'. In this context it is used in the sense of “making an existing covenant work because of the power of the one making it.”

The word covenant here is used in the sense of a solemn guarantee of security.

The failed Oslo Agreement signed in 1993 (that spawned what Israel calls the ‘Oslo War’) was due to have reached its goal by September, 2000 and was based on the formula of ‘land for peace’.

Every subsequent peace effort has been based on the Oslo formula. The Oslo formula is on its face surrender to terror, since at its heart it is an exchange of land in return for a cessation of terror.

And it is, to this point, unconfirmed in the sense that it has not borne fruit. No one has the power to make it work. Israel remains the target of terrorism, despite its concessions. Daniel predicts that the Antichrist will have this power.

The EU has offered many times in the past to guarantee Israel’s security in exchange for a lasting peace agreement. But the only thing missing is someone of sufficient stature to convince Israel to trust its security to him.

Thus, the Antichrist cometh.

The ‘Quartet’s’ effort to bring peace will fail. So will the Gaza disengagement plan, since ‘the Quartet’ has dealt all the best cards to the Palestinian side. But soon, a leader of the revived Roman Empire of Europe will arise and come up with a deal that both sides will accept. Such a deal could be introduced at almost any time.

But the Bible predicts that at some point before that deal is inked, the Lord Himself must descend from heaven and snatch all believers up to meet Him in the air. He will instantly change us from mortal to immortal.

Paul tells us to comfort one another with these words. The Lord IS coming! And, according to the signs of the times, He is coming soon!
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